Early one Tuesday morning in February of 1945 Bob Marley was born and Cedella “Ciddy” Malcolm had come to the climax of what had been a tedious journey,and the begining of the journey of Cedella Booker and Bob Marley.
Her unborn child had caused her to be in a state of constant morning sickness and several hours of labour spanning almost two whole days. 

Cedella lived in the humble community of Rhoden Hall and later moved to close by Nine Miles , St. Ann,Jamaica, for 17 years prior to giving birth to a 6 ½ pounds baby boy that would later become “the reggae king of the world”, none other than Robert Nesta Marley.
A shy, unassuming Christian young girl, who was known for her lovely singing voice, had unknowingly captured the imagination of one Captain Norval Marley. In the period of two years, now 19, she had experienced love, child bearing and a broken promise of a happy ending and a lasting marriage.
Captain Marley was a white skinned overseer of the West India Regiment. At day he was the ‘bockra massa’ that brokered deals with the poorer residents concerning farming contracts or resettlement to get more land. After settling in Nine Miles he had successfully sought tenancy at the Malcolm’s family residence, popularly called the Big House. It is here that he initiated a sexual relationship with his landlord’s 17 year old daughter. His actions were reminiscent of those of his slavery days ancestors who had carried on with many innocent and not so innocent young Black girls, with most of these relationships ending with pregnancy and the social scorn of illegitimacy.
It must have been rather challenging (financially and psychologically) for a young mother who had to now face the reality of raising a boy child without a father.
She however received great assistance from her immediate and extended family members in the upbringing of young Nesta.
Her brother, aunts and especially her father Omeriah had stood by her through the toughest of times although they were disappointed by her actions.

Cedella Booker and Bob Marley:Country Life In Nine Miles
In the small district that was Nine Miles, the Malcolm’s were among the most respected citizens.
Cedella’s father Omeriah was the Custos, a most esteemed position at the time.
The title was one that saw him acting in the capacity of what in those days were referred to as a Colonial Magistrate.
It also came with the fact that the Malcolm’s were among the principal landowners in the rural district.
This however did not cross over the lines of social status to economic gain or increased wealth.
The Malcolm’s were by rural standards well off as Omeriah was a very industrious man involved in farming, manufacturing and trade.
Cedella Booker and Bob Marley:Bob Marley's Childhood
Omeriah exhibited charming qualities that made him a favourite of children and attractive to women.
He was known to have had many extra marital relationships bearing other children than the nine he and his dedicated wife Alberta had produced.It is said that he discreetly cared for all of them.
Looking at Marley as he grew older we could say that he probably adopted some of his charming ways from his fatherly grandparent.
He was appealing to women and going on to have many extra marital affairs of his own while married to a woman that was very similar in approach to Alberta, Rita.