Celebrities have a very big influence, shaping opinions and causing trends: hair styles, clothes, gadgets and much more. Tattoos are actually one of the more prominent trends that are influenced by celebrities.

So who is causing booms in tat trends, and what kind of design ideas can you expect?

Angelina Jolie has inspired many tattoo designs, having herself over a dozen tattoos in different styles. These include Arabic tattoos, which are growing in popularity and adorn the bodies of many non Arabic speaking individuals. The dragon tattoo that Angelina has on her back is a resource of inspiration for dragon tattoo lovers, and the left shoulder blade tattoo, written in the language used in Cambodia, inspires some to shape their tattoo phrases or Bible verses in the same rectangular shape.

Pamela Anderson is also the leader of more than one popular tattoo trend. The barbed wire armband has inspired many to design unique wired armbands, and evolved to include more elaborate tribal armband designs. Another trend is the wedding ring tattoo, which is a controversial trend. After all, as Pamela demonstrated herself, tattoos are (almost always) forever, but many marriages aren't.
A couple of celebrities that are leading the trend of Hebrew tats are David and Victoria Beckham, who have matching Hebrew tattoos of the verse "I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me who feedeth among the lilies".

So celebrity tattoo trends can definitely inspire your tattoo design. But even when following their lead, it is highly recommended to double check yourself. For example, if you copy Rihanna's Arabic tattoo, you are copying a mistake. If you are a guy and would like to have David Beckham' Hebrew tattoo, you might find it important to know that his tattoo actually speaks to a male beloved. And even if you are copying a symbol, like Alyssa Milano's Buddhist symbol for Om, you should check that the meaning is something you feel good with. Just because you like a certain celebrity, it doesn't necessarily mean your tattoo choices will match his.