Buying a quality drum set can be a daunting process unless you are familiar with the name brands and just what each of them offers. A drum set is ususally comprised of five drums: 12" and 13" mounted toms (also known as mounted toms, tom toms, or just toms), 16" floor tom, 22" bass drum, and a 14" snare drum. 5 piece drum sets are standard while many rock and roll stars have huge drum sets with lots of extra drums. The average drum set for a beginner should cost between $200-$500. Most drum sets need to be put together which will take some time for first timers. Almost all the drum sets we found online come with detailed instructions and a drum key. A drum key is for adjusting drum hardware and for tuning drum heads. When putting a set together make sure you have shells, rims, hoops, tension rods, heads, and bass drum claws. We found an excellent site with detailed pictures and written instructions on drum sets at They offer information on drum tuning, head replacement tips, proper playing, mounting of your cymbals, how to hold your drum sticks, and how to care for your drums.