JAKARTA - One hundred and orchestra and many great singers enliven successful concert A Masterpiece of Erwin Gutawa at the JCC, Senayan, Jakarta on Saturday night (26/02/2011). 

With the magnificent sets and attended by more than 3,000 spectators, Erwin unceasingly make the audience chuckle admiringly.
"Tonight the night is incredible. I thought my pride is playing with a lot of great singers, but I was wrong. Pride of my highest is the presence of you all," Erwin said at the opening concert.
The concert that lasted approximately three hours of collaboration between generations presents a very charming, as Christoffer Nelwan 13-year-old but has a golden voice, Regine Velasquez, Box, Afgan, Vidi Aldiano, Lea Simanjuntak, Dira Sugandi, Eka Deli, Once , Rossa, Iwan Fals until Waljinah which now has 65 years of age.
In concert, Erwin also provide a beautiful offerings for the deceased Tim Christensen.
"Chris, he is a very great singer, Indonesia is very lucky to have him. I've made four albums with him and more than 100 concerts. I'll play this song with the piano. If you know the song let's sing," said Erwin.
For me the song popularized by Tim Christensen ever was played. Now turn to the audience who became the singer and ended with a very rousing applause. Afgan Syahreza and Vidi Aldiano alternating turns any songs from the maestro, especially for the album Definitely Storm Passes.
The concert was closed by the appearance of Iwan Fals, who was dressed in white and white. Iwan Fals looks so energetic when the song Let me Love You, Eye of the God and the One-One.
The celebration of 25 years work of Erwin Gutawa is fairly successful. Each Erwin finished bring a song, the audience always gave him applause formations. (Ang)