The Rollies begins when Deddy Sutansyah met Iwan Krisnawan and Teuku Iskandar Zulian Madian of Delimars group and Delly Djoko Alipin from group Genta Palace. Deddy invite them to join in a group that is named Rollies in April 1967. Parents Deddy a Niagara hotel owners to provide funding and provide all the necessary musical equipment. Rollies poor across the country began its own with songs of The Beatles, Bee Gees, Hollies, Marbles, Beach Boys, Herman Hermits, as well as popular songs from Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink.


When the initial group is formed, Deddy Stanzah and his friends constantly trying to innovate, among others, by inviting musicians "schoolgirl" Benny Likumahuwa that good at reading musical notes and writing arrangements. Adding orchestration in the show and when accompanying a group from America, No Sweat, in Istora 1974, they add to the beat of the gamelan music arranger who played a member of Rollies own. Just as they did party Woodstock-style music "Summer 28.1973" in Ragunan gamelan instructor Benny Likumahuwa none other.

The Rollies even stronger and even became the band the Bee Gees concert opener on April 2, 1972 at Istora and Shocking Blue July 23, 1972 at Taman Ria Monas and American group, No Sweat, in 1974 Istora berlebihanlah not when they are referred to as Chicago's van Bandung because almost all American popular songs from the group that they bring on stage: Saturday In The Park, Just You and Me, Old Days, Wishing You Were Here, Harry Truman, Call on Me, in addition to the songs Blood Sweat and Tears , Spinning Wheel, Hi In Ho, and the songs the group Yes: Opening From Fire Bird, James Brown: It's A Man's Man's World, or Gethsemane from the soundtrack of the movie Jesus Christ Superstar, which was produced in 1973 and removed from the musical popular on Broadway . Not to mention they dared to stage with the AKA. July 1972 at Istora and October 1973 in Gelora Pancasila featuring rock giants such as the AKA then, God Bless and The Rollies they do have a PD that pol to perform with my band group or God Bless AKA classmates because they have their own musical colors and fanatical fans too.