With the whole world turning to green energy and green products, there is little being said on taking care of one’s hair on the green. Many people do not think about what changes can be made to help turn show time into green energy and energy consumption time, although it can be done.

1. Limit the time in the shower- By limiting the time one is in the shower, the amount of hot water being used is decreased and the amount of energy used is decreased. This helps the environment because water usage is down, gas usage is down, and energy is being conserved.

2. Wash your hair once every other day- If you ask a hair care professional how often to wash one’s hair, he or she will often say once every other day or every two days. This gives one’s hair more time to recover the natural oils that were stripped away during the washing process. This leads to softer, more manageable hair that has a very soft feel.

3. Rinse with cold water- By rinsing with cold water, the gas consumption is decreased. This in turn decreases the amount of pollution in the air and provides for a greener world. Need another reason to turn off the heat? The cold air helps to close the pores in the skin and the follicles in the hair. This leads to fewer pimples and shinier and softer hair.

4. Do not repeat- Many of the shampoo bottles suggest repeating the wash cycle when washing one’s hair. This is not necessary in most cases and only helps to further strip the hair of the necessary oils that make it shine and be manageable. This also leads to more use of the shampoo and therefore more waste.

5. Buy the bigger bottles- Although large bottles of shampoo tend to have more plastic in them, they also have more shampoo in them and cost less that the smaller bottles. Because the larger bottles have more shampoo in them, it is possible to use less plastic in the end because fewer bottles of shampoo will be purchased.

6. Use recycled bottles- Many recycled bottles and products in recycled bottles will mention that the bottle has been recycled. This can help to reduce the amount of pollution and increase the green living of care hair. Additional benefits include being able to recycle that bottle.