Do not forget to breathe. It's easy for you to get the body tense when you do something as strange as playing guitar for the first time. This strain is built on you without even realizing it. Rest often, and just breathe.
Even if you're all right, play may seem uncomfortable at first. It should not hurt, though. If you feel sick all the time, immediately stopped. Before long, you want to play will make it feel uncomfortable holding a guitar.
Choosing a seat with a seat or high heels. You'll know that it's the right height, because when you sit down, you'll thigh only slightly angled upwards. Some players choose any chair and enhance their knees by guitar guitar or put them on foot pile of dirt from the phone book. The point is to raise the guitar high enough so that your hands can open the frets. It gets real tiring to play guitar by putting your foot on tiptoe at all times. He also gets tiring when you on suspicion of the whole body over so you can see the frets.
If your Right Hand picking, put the guitar on the right knee. Note: The classical guitarists will use the left knee. There is a temptation to swing the guitar so you can see the frets, but do not do it. Keeping a straight guitar. The neck of the guitar should be angled upward slightly because extends from your body.
Now for the fretting hand. Practice makes what I call "jail" with his left hand. This means you put your thumb between the bottom of the left middle of the guitar neck, and upper neck. There is a temptation to take your guitar like grabbing a hammer, with thumb flat on the top, but you will not be able to suppress all such records. To make a nail, the thumb to maintain the mid-point on the neck, and bend your wrist as if you try to make your finger tips on the hook through the top of the neck.
If all this seems too complicated, go for simple instructions: to see the picture how other guitarists hold their guitars, and do what feels comfortable for you. By the way, most guitarists such as Jeff Healy, they hold the guitar flat on the lap.
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