Italy , the land of music, holds a very special place in world classical music . The vocal and instrumental classical music are the part of Italian identity. Italian Music has been one of the traditional cultural heritages of Italian lifestyle. The world-famous Music of Italy gives it a separate genre of importance position in global music platform.
The history of Italian music dated back a few centuries. It was 16 th century, when music from Italy was developing into world-class phenomenon. Italian musicians invented different musical scales, notation, and in synchronization with them produced world famous lyrics. These musical tunes were later used for theatrical productions in Italy and for the development of Italian opera in late 16 th century.
Italian music has always been a constant base for the production of world music including modern European classical music like the concerto and symphony.
With time Italian music was becoming more and more popular and was often being used in western cinemas. Music when gets ideal accompany of perfect singers it completes the circle for the listeners to have a kind of unforgettable everlasting tunes; this is truly applicable to Italian music .
As time moves on Music of Italy has gone through lots of experimentations and variations. Modern Music of Italy delivers following forms,
  • Jazz
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Claudio Baglioni
  • Antonello Venditti
Some of the eminent Italian musicians who have helped Italian music to reach to its heights are mentioned below:-
  • Bob Dylan
  • Nilla Pizzi and Al Bano
  • Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini
  • Rita Pavone
  • Adriano Celentano
Italian music is the perfect blend of light and heavy-metallic songs; the music in Italy is the spice of Italian identity that enriches with more varieties with the passing times.
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