Never one to mince his words, Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmister recently shared his views on the state of modern music with Atlantic City Weekly. When asked to express his thoughts on hip hop, the metal legend had the following to say: 

"Why should I do that when it’s not music... There’s nothing creative about doing that [rapping] over music someone else created. They go out and take John Bonham’s drumming. I don’t call that music. You think they [rappers] could come up with sounds of their own, even some basic sounds and they can’t do it. Sad.

In the interview, Lemmy also expresses his grievance with the boring, clean living attitude of some of today’s pop stalwarts:
"It kills me how bland this period is... You go backstage these days and you see 20 bottles of Perrier and a bag of nuts. What’s wrong with this fucking picture? Everything is so healthy today and it’s terrible. I don’t get it... What the fuck is it about John Mayer?... Someone should explain him to me. And the same goes for Justin Bieber. They’re all such boring people. They’re so fucking serious. I’m not interested in people as boring as that. It’s a shame these people are popular entertainers."
Motörhead’s twentieth studio album The Wörld Is Yours was released on CD and LP on January 17th. The band has recently completed a US tour in support of the disc. The Rockumentary Lemmy, a retrospective on the front man’s career, was released on DVD on January 25th, and features interviews with artists including Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Grohl and Metallica.