Happy February, Paraders! January drew to a quick close, and we are now well into the new year | The World Music Parade will be piloting a new monthly section, showcasing new music and bands which we want to bring to you | Below are five numbers for your listeningpleasure.
"Warpath" by Esben and the Witch
Gothic music has always been a genre which is hard to define – with many derivations – but Esben and the Witch seem to nail it | Echoing vocals, washed out guitars, and dark melodies color the track “Warpath” | There are shades of classic goth rock bands like Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus, but the track also retains a modern feel | The English three-piece release their debut album “Violet Cries” on January 31st.
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"Atiba Song" by Panda Bear
Animal Collective’s Panda Bear releases solo album “Tomboy” this April, a follow-up to 2007’s excellent “Person Pitch” | Details and samples have been sporadic, but this month saw the release of new track “Atiba Song” (which doesn’t seem to be on the final tracklisting, incidently) | It plays over a skate video, and sounds – much like his previous work – like the Beach Boys on a lot of drugs (in a good way…)
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"Take Me Over" by Cut Copy
Cut Copy’s new single continues in the electropop vein, but a Talking Heads influence can perhaps be heard in the first couple verses | The track is very pop, and very immediate, but also sounds vaguely nostalgic | Props go to the layered and spacey breakdown, which builds before launching into the final pop chorus | New album “Zonoscope” is released February 8th.
"Suzanne And I" by Anna Calvi
English solo artist Anna Calvi released her debut album “Anna Calvi” January 17th | Album cut “Suzanne and I” is a rocker, featuring crashing drums, and a melody which has an air of ceremony (it would make a great James Bond theme) | Strings are used – but not overused – and there is also a vocal breakdown which is notable.
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"Sizarr" by Fake Foxes
Germany’s Sizarr – currently unsigned – describe themselves as electronica, but there also seems to be an indie influence in track “Fake Foxes” | Experimental no doubt, but good songwriting is also present. One to watch – their debut album is set to drop this year.