Sara Bareilles could listen to an English accent 'all day'. 

The US 'King Of Anything' singer is presently touring Europe with Maroon 5, and said she loves to hang out in its old cities, singling out London because she likes the way English people talk.

She told BANG Showbiz: ' think my favourite thing here is an English accent, I can listen to it all day ' a lot of Americans probably say that, but English people can say the most mundane things and they sound really cool.

Sara ' who has previously lived in Italy for year - also said she finds a certain inspiration in some European cities.

She added ' also love being in cities with so much history. American cities don't have this much depth. There's something you just feel in the air here which is really unique and I love it.

'There's something that touches me deeply, emotionally about being in cities that have seen a lot of history and were life changing, I feel like I get in touch with it sort of a spiritual way, and it really affects me.

'Rome is another city I feel that way about, the first time I went to Rome I was almost in tears just walking down the street!

't feels very creative as well, I feel like my artistic side comes to life a little bit, which is always exciting.'

Sarah's third album 'Kaleidoscope Heart' is out now.