Amami Tsubasa (天海つばさ) is a beautiful lady filled with charm and style worthy of positive attention. In her brief career of modeling, this Japanese bombshell has certainly impressed me with her beautiful face and tremendous cuteness. Her fashion sense is pretty noteworthy. She might go for anything short with lace, but always with excellent pairings with nicely cut blazers, flattering vests, fuzzy coats, and adorably selected hats. Amami pulls off a myriad of outfits extraordinarily well. Here are some of her more noteworthy photos of her recent life.

Oh my gosh, tell me it isn't so! I kept thinking, she is too pretty and stylish to do pornography.

Apparently pornography is quite mainstream in Japan. Gravure models could become porn stars and end up doing children shows after their dirty movie career is done. Maybe because there isn't that stigma, like in America. Japan is more forgiving about this, yet more critical on other stuff. Well, Japan is a weird place anyways.

Amami is actually getting quite a following because of her beauty. How long she stays in the industry remains to be seen. I hope she does end up doing mainstream work in the future. Hopefully, fashion magazine stuff. This has been a sex-filled week so far. I wonder what I will write about next.