music and games means a unit for pleasure

1. Encore

Teams compete to sing at least eight words from songs that include certain words in this musical board game. If your team succeeds, your opponents must try to do the same. Some special spaces (e.g. "Team vs. Single Player") add variety. A nice feature is that you don't need to know any particular style of music -- any song is legal.

2. Songburst

Players must come up with lyrics to popular songs after being given the artist, the year, the song title and the first two or three words. Songburst comes in various editions -- the 50s and 60s, the 70s and 80s, and a country music edition.

3. Humm...ble

Humming, whistling, using charades -- those are your tools to get your team to guess song titles. Can you do it before time expires? The categories in this game are user-friendly for various ages (Broadway musicals, television and movies, oldies, contemporary, folk and family favorites).

4. Ever Green

This board game comes with artists represented by discs the size of 45 rpm records. A dial in the center shows the performer's value, from 5 to 12 -- and it can go up or down when the next person takes control of that artist. The goal is to put on the best concerts.

5. Schrille Stille

As the head of a record company, your main job is to help your performers sell more records. In Schrille Stille players are awarded points based on how high their acts rise on the charts.