Ok heres a hypathetical for you guys:
You're band is famous and youve been offered the chance to have your very own signature bass made!!
What make would you have, what design and what set up would you have and most importantly what would you call it?
I was inspired to find out based upon the many signature models there are out there.
Of course our buddy Flea from R.H.C.P. has his own bass company;
Fieldy from Korn has his own bass sponsored by ibanez known as the K5:
Paul Gray (R.I.P.) formerly of Slipknot as his signature bass by ibanez called the PGB:
Of course his was made both in left and right handed due to him being a left handed player!
Paz Lenchantin of A perfect circle and Zwan has her signature bass made by Luna:
And the lovely Paz herself holding it!
So with these in mind let me know what youd have!!
I'll submit my own below :D