Music has always been a strong part of history and culture. For this reason, many people choose to express their love of music — either as a musician, or an enthusiast — with music tattoos.

Music Note tattoos are easily identifiable by almost anyone. They are made up of clef notes and bars and can be done in black & white or in brilliant color. The clef note is a French word meaning “key note” and it’s usually the first symbol we see on a sheet of music. It is superimposed over the five lines of the staff, and its purpose is to indicate the pitch of the written notes. The familiar ‘treble clef’ looks like a grandiose ‘S’, but its critical component is the curl. The line on the staff that passes through that curl is identified as G, which is why it’s also called the G clef.
Musical tattoo, the ABBA crowns taken from the Abba Gold collection. The ELO arm band was chosen because of Jeff Lynne’s brilliance, and my passion for his music. Also has jukebox connotations, music is my religion.