On Saturday night, Jessie J stormed the "Saturday Night Live" stage bringing her signature sass to the sketch-comedy show. Jessie also brought along B.o.B for her performance of their track, "Price Tag." 

MTV News caught up with the a few days before her "SNL" appearance and she talked to us about why she knew B.o.B would be the perfect fit for the track, which is the lead U.S. single off her debut album, Who You Are.

"I didn't really want many features on the album. I think that sometimes you get an album and songs seem better if they've got like platinum-selling artists on all of them and their features, and I wanted people to judge it on me," she explained. "And that's a lot harder thing to do."

However, if she was going to have a guest feature, it had to be the right guy. "When I wrote 'Price Tag,' B.o.B was, like, everywhere and I just loved his sound," she said. "He's the same age as me and everything he rapped about, I felt like I would rap about if I were a rapper."

So when Jessie sat down with producers/songwriters Dr. Luke and Claude Kelley, they decided to holler at the Atlanta native. From there, Jessie did the legwork, traveling from state to state "to random places I had never been" to ensure that she and the rapper got face time to work on the song.

"I didn't want it to be like, 'Do that, drop a bar and send it to me.' I wanted it to be an experience and a journey, so he wrote his bar and he flew to the U.K. to do the video," she said. "So, no green screen. We're there together. It was good fun. None of this, 'Never met him, don't know what he looks like.' I've proper been there, hugged him and smelled him."