For today’s music review, I have selected a pure dance tune. A royalty free music track that fills you with euphoria and energy. It could easily be an Ibiza summer anthem with its upbeat, euphoric and energetic club beats. The track is titled ‘Energy of the Night‘ from our trance / techno music category.

Because of its huge presence and fast moving pace, this track is ideal for use in any number of high impact TV, Film and media productions.
As already mentioned, this is a dance anthem in itself so it would fit right into a travel show promoting a summer destination that will be appeal to young adults or an ‘Ibiza Uncovered’ style show.
Also, the sheer drive and energy that emanates from this track make it highly suitable for portraying the intensity and excitement felt in the world of extreme sports such as, sky diving, hang gliding, motor racing or any sport that induces a rush of adrenaline.
If you want to create an energising, exciting and gripping production with lots of attitude, then ‘Energy of the Night‘ can give your project all the attitude it needs.
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