Yikes! Someone tried to bust into Lindsay Lohan's home - luckily she wasn't there at the time and it appears nothing was taken. Police were alerted to the attempted break-in by her alarm system and already have a "person of interest." Could the said person be Lohan's dad, ex-lover Samantha Ronson or one of the many men she's recently bedded? So many choices! Then again, her place may not have been ransacked at all! Police say they thought someone had torn through the house, now they believe it may have already been left a mess. You never know with LaLohan. Lindsay, as previously reported, is currently in London for her British Vogue shoot. Rumor has it she's planning on staying several weeks, given that her trip lines up with Samantha Ronson's overseas jaunt. The break-in story is still developing, but given that it involves Lindsay there's no doubt that drama is soon to follow!