On March 22 live from London, Coca-Cola and Maroon 5 are going to bring fans from around the world together for an unforgettable moment. 
For one epic session, fans will be invited to inspire the band as they compose an original song from in just 24 hours. Enabled by innovative interactive projection technology, fans will be given a virtual all-access pass to the recording studio by visiting www.coca-cola.com/music*, where they will be able to interact with the band and lend their creative inspiration to lyrics, riffs and rhythms for the new song. They'll get to contribute throughout the process and, at the end of 24 hours, will have helped inspire a hot new Maroon 5 track to share with the world.

The 24hr Session is part of 'Coca-Cola Music', an innovative new music program from Coca-Cola that will give teens the inside track on the creation of music and the opportunity to view the industry's leading artists at work.

Streamed live at www.coca-cola.com/music*, the 24hr Session will use the real-time speed, global impact and social power of the web, to create a unique and truly ground-breaking experience for the band and fans.

The studio will be fitted out with cutting edge technology to allow the band to communicate with fans from across the world. The interactions will be centered on a movement based projection system that will stream the thoughts, inspiration and comments of fans onto the studio walls and direct to the band. Rather than gathering around a computer, the surfaces in the studio will be the canvas that will enable the band to interact directly with fans.

Throughout the 24 hours, fans will be asked to send in words, pictures and comments to inspire the creation of the song and will even have a chance to ask questions and vote for different options put to them by the band.

Activating the brand's extensive global fan network, the 24hr Session will be promoted to over 20 million consumers via the Coca-Cola Facebook page. The @CocaCola Twitter account will be used to keep fans informed about what is happening in the studio, invite inspiration as well as post updates and questions from the band. Also helping to spread the word and encourage participation, bloggers from nearly 20 countries will be onsite to keep their followers informed and involved in the process.