Newest movie Sherina the Year 2011 - The singer and talented artist Nan pretty Sherina Munaf was working on big projects. Sherwood 20-year-old is currently busy in preparing a musical movie filmed himself. "This daring project, since I got direct people more mature in this movie. But this is a challenge for me, and I like challenges, "he said in the middle of dance training for the new movie. 
Newest movie Shrek Year 2011 As a child, Sherina was never played in the movie musical of "The Adventures of Sherina" he main role. Salutnya Shrek will not only acting in this movie but Shrek is also created and mengarasemenkan music and songs in this movie. Sherwood might even act as a producer.
"It's a great confidence, because I will hold all operators. Please doannya yes, "he said, requesting prayer. Asked about how the storyline the film drama that will lead, singer song You are still reluctant to go further tells the story of the film. "There are still secret, I'll wait aja would love a surprise," he said.
He only says that the film will be directed to all segments of the audience ranging from children, adults, up to the parents. "It's all here. I want to entertain people sebnyak much, also the family through a combination of music, acting, and certainly provides a moral message, "he said. Curious, here. This year Sherwood postpone his lecture at Berkeley College of Music, Boston, for the sake of the film musical. After this film, she comes to going to college there and majored in film scoring.