She said recently that she isn't very confident about her body.
But yesterday Kelly Brook proved she is one of the few celebrities who can pull off a photoshoot without the need of an airbrush as she posed for a new Reebok campaign.
The 31-year-old model looked stunning in a blue crop top and tiny black shorts, showing off an enviable flat stomach and curves to definitely be proud of.

Beaming at the camera, Kelly tossed her hair and smiled like a pro, even when she took on the hardest task of all - having to look gorgeous while jogging.
However, while some models might have faltered under the hot Los Angeles sunshine and difficult shoot, Kelly succeeded in pulling the look off with aplomb.
Kelly was modelling Reebok's latest EasyTone and RunTone trainers, as well as the EasyTone apparel in the shoot.

British model Kelly has been very vocal about the subject of airbrushing in the past, and even fronted a campaign by GirlGuiding UK for airbrushed photographs of celebrities to be labelled.
She said: 'Airbrushing has been around since the '50s. It's what Hollywood was built on and I'm a big fan of Hollywood and that whole era.
'If people are being slimmed down in photographs, then I think that should definitely be pointed out because you don't want to portray something that is unrealistic and unachievable to young teenage girls.'
And while Kelly's is one of the most lusted-after figures in the world, she said recently that she sometimes struggles to accept her curves.
She said: 'I am not as confident about my body as people think. And I’m becoming less and less confident as the years go on.’
But despite feeling some insecurities she has ruled out ever having gone under the knife and insisted: ‘I’m all me and I love that my figure isn’t stick thin.’
Kelly recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career Stateside after starring in movies including Piranha 3D.
However, during her time in the city, Kelly has been criticised for her often unflattering outfits - a sharp contrast from the clothes she sports in London.
In a recent interview, though, Kelly said her different style is due to a different approach in LA than in London.
She explained: 'When I’m in London I like dressing up. I’ll wear lots of 50s-style prom dresses, pencil skirts, and blouses because they really flatter my hourglass figure.
'But right now I’m living in LA so I’m living in jeans and T-shirts.'