In the world of 2011 haircuts, and what’s trendy (or not!), there is an endless selection of lengths, colors, textures, finishes, volume, shine and control. Personalizing your hair style, creating something uniquely for yourself from your likes and what appeals to you, is what makes you fashionable; current; trendy. You can use guides and galleries to help you find a jumping off point, but when it comes to choosing a complete style make sure you’re choosing something for yourself because it appeals to you and will accentuate the natural beauty you have instead of choosing something you think people will like on you. Ultimately you have to be comfortable with your style to make it believable. Here is a random selection of styles to help get you thinking…

Girls with a lot of natural texture and massive amounts of hair know how hard it is to get a polished look without it looking overdone. Short hair especially is hard to perfect because it’s so easy to overuse product, get product buildup, then have completely unmanageable hair. To get the buildup off your strands, use a clarifying shampoo, then follow up with your normal washing/conditioning routine.
Try a product like Aveda’s best-selling Control Paste ($22 for 1.7oz). It will give you a polish to your hair without making it too shiny, and will also give you a pliable hold. Bonus for this product is there are no synthetic fragrances, so you smell natural and amazing!