Hip-Hop is a culture made up of prominent figures that express themselves in extreme fashion with respect to virtually every aspect of their lives.
No matter what they do, these rappers never cease to project their own story, striving to remain interesting in the ever saturated rap game. From media interviews to advertising campaigns and personal ink style, these performers all know and embrace their role as icons in the hip-hop scene.
From The Game to the non-stop Lil Wayne, there’s no doubt these stars are of the most important in the music industry. But, are their tattoos as meaningful as their lyrics, or is their ink just for the sake of image?
While famous tattoos on Hollywood starlets are undeniably hot, we suspect there may be more meaning on the tattooed rappers strutting down the same streets. Check out the top five most important tattoos in rap music.

The Game has an LA tattoo just below his right eye, and if you actually listen to any of his music for about two minutes, you would know this by now. When Dr. Dre’s The Chronic hit the streets, Game was in his teens. Luckily, he managed to develop his talent, and have his debut album produced by the good doctor himself. This means he experienced the early ‘90s middle school wannabe rapper from Compton dream fulfilled. If you look at the N.W.A. (Dr. Dre’s first group) tattoo above his right pectoral muscle you can see that he has a substantial respect for the past artists that came before him.