Hip And Side Tattoos
The hip and side is the new lower back tattoo. It is honestly all the rage right now and also very sexy. You can choose to go with a small graphic or word design right on the hip area. Make sure to get it close to the hip bone or it is more likely to stretch later in life. Another option is to go big and many women are choosing this. You can get a side and rib cage tattoo design. This of course starts on the hip area and then extends up into the ribcage area.
These are just a few of the super hot and sexy tattoo designs for girls, or women that are out there right now being requested. Remember don’t look for the ultimate final tattoo product. Instead realize you will have to grow with your project and create something that is unique and individual. Therefore use the ideas above and the pictures as well as any tattoo design site as a jumping board and a great place for research.