Happy Valentine's Day! Most of the people in the world will be celebrating Valentine's Day on this February 14, 2010, including celebrities. But, one famous celeb that usually didn't celebrate it was Angelina Jolie. Usually? Yes, she seems to broke her rule when she bought a $25,000 olive tree as a Valentine's gift for her husband, Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie is not a fan of Valentine's Day. “She hates it,” said one insider. “Ange has always found all the hearts and flowers such bad taste and anything but romantic. Brad on the other hand is a sucker for all that stuff but he’s under strict orders not to bother." The “Wanted” actress absolutely hates all the ‘lovey-dovey’ stuff that comes with the February 14th holiday.

She always found hearts, flowers and chocolates a bad taste and anything but romantic. Angelina Jolie said that love cannot be defined by any one day. It is eternal and can not be showy.

Surprisingly, this year she wants to give something special to Brad Pitt to celebrate Valentine's Day. Maybe the rumor was true, her marriage has been in jeopardy, and now she's trying to fix it. The couple denied all news about their separation when they appeared together in Superbowl final in Florida last week, with their son, Maddox.

While about the gift, the actress - who raises six children with Pitt - will surprise him on the romantic day with the 200-year-old plant, for their French home, the Chateau Miraval. Olive trees symbolize peace, longevity and stability.