Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian has been tweeting each other for a while. It started when Bieber said that he want to date mature woman, and Kim Kardashian is the girl of his dream.

The pair then met at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, speaking and teasing each other, and then take a photos together. Justin Bieber later updated his twitter with their photo and said that "she is my girlfriend".

In the other hand, Kim also gave a warm respond to Bieber, declared her love for the singer on that social networking site, "I officially have Bieber Fever!!," said Kim.

These so-called relationship between these two makes Justin Bieber's fans angry, threatened to kill Kim Kardshian if she ever touch Bieber. This is silly of course, considering that most of Bieber fans are child/teenage in the age of 10-14.

On last Sunday, June 13, they've been spotted taking a splash together in the beach of Bahama. Justin Bieber (16) and Kim Kardashian (29) are both staying at The Cove Resort at the luxurious Atlantis on Paradise Island.

The meet-up comes after Justin spent the previous night performing a concert at The Cove Resort following a long day of waterfront fun and basketball.

Meanwhile, Kim spent her Saturday lounging poolside with her gal pals in Miami following a big bachelorette party the previous day, which was also attended by Christina Aguilera.

Later, they did a photoshoot session together on the beach, Kardashian was spotted splashing Bieber with water, while visitors were enjoying their intimate activity. They were also cutely holding each other hands.

Bieber's worshiper need no worry, because they were just working together and seem just like to fooling around with everyone (at least for Kim). But maybe after the "death-threats" to Kim, this joke has gone too far?

Getting Bieber's fans even more jealous, earlier that day, Kardashian boasted that she had a chance to mess up Bieber's signature hair. With message read "My dream! I messed up @JustinBieber 's hair!!!!!", the 29-year-old socialite posted a photo showing her fiddling with Bieber's hair.