JAKARTA - good looks directly Sule trio Three alluring singer from Bandung Honey comedian took it into a model video clip.


Dede Sapphire Trio-member, Bela Safitri, and Ruth Monica is undergoing shooting for the song Marriage Divorce. The newly formed trio formed in December 2010 it was proud to be a model Sule their video clips.

"We invite Sule for his good looks. We are very proud to present a Aa Sule top everywhere want to be a model of a video clip of us," said personnel Three Honey, Bela Safitri in Studio hangar, Jewel, Jakarta, Friday (25 / 2 / 2011) night.

For Sule, this is the second timeinto a model video clip . Comedian who also form a boyband Sm # sh it felt more grateful to get a job offer.

"This is the second time I have to be a model video clip. Praise of the bands also offer so many models of video clips. I am still grateful to have more and more to the job," said Sule. (nov)