JAKARTA-course newcomer singer, Bunga Victoria, absurdly pleased. Not long career in the music world alone to songs from Charly ST12 entitled Me Perfect. 

"It's nice lah, not all singers can nyicipin his works from Charly. Because I was not long ago you know have a career in music, "said the beautiful singer from Cirebon, West Java, this, when found in Jakarta, a few days ago.
Okay have a reasonable appearance have, the virgin birth of Cirebon, March 24, 1993, was, before the release of single fact has long been in the world of modeling. Incidentally the name Herman's father was a close friend ST12 front man, so that linkage Bunga and Charly was quick.
"I have a singing talent, Charly coincidence indeed that close to my family. Yes, why do not we just co-operation, "said Bunga.
When asked about the assessment of Charly, Bunga said, "Charly's cool, she's the person not arrogant, and he could make a song in 5 minutes lho.Hehehe." (Tom)