Man's man Ahmad Dhani, on cowardly monogamists and what men want, multiple shapely behinds.
Lead guitarist of rock group Dewa19, Ahmad Dhani weighed into the polygamy debate recently, saying
Men who [claim they] are satisfied with just one woman are hypocrites.
This was because all men wished to have more than one wife in reality, no man could be satisfied with the same woman forever, but some men lived in such fear of their wives that they didn't dare seek permission to acquire another.

Meanwhile after divorcing, or being divorced by, his famous wife Maia, and now having a relationship of uncertain legal status with another pop star, Mulan Jameela, Dhani says he is on the lookout for a second first wife, but that
She has to have a good ass.
Apart from a shapely rear a budding Ahmad Dhani wife must also have long hair, be fair skinned, not too tall, and under 25.
When asked whether current partner Mulan Jameela lived up to these expectations