Cristiano Ronaldo has been named as one of the football players to pay the most expensive in the world. Wonder if the soccer club Real Madrid star could have a luxury home. Curious to know the contents of the house model girlfriend Irina Shayk this? Come, see the following article!

An exclusive program in Madrid called "Supercasas", have traced the soccer star luxury houses the Portuguese. The camera went into the room in a house designed by the architect JoaquĆ­n Torres.

One of the rooms in the house put up by Cristiano for his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.. Not only the bedroom, but equipped playroom which makes 25-year-old man's house looks massive. So that was disitat Legal from Hollyscoop, Thursday (27/01/2011).

CaptainWag pages, has all the luxury home photos of soccer star handsome face which includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and the baby's room.