Justin Bieber got his haricut, most of the free world knows that by now. Some of his fans don't like it and he even lost followers on Twitter, which most of the free world knows, too. And the media has done umpteen stories on it, which most of the free world knew would happen.

He went on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Wed. Feb. 23 2011 to talk about it but the interview didn't contain much that was news. Simply going to Google and writing 'Justin Bieber haircut' and clicking on 'News' brings up countless stories on the cutting of his hair. Even the high-brow 'Globe and Mail' in Canada did a story on it, the headline declaring Justin Bieber cuts his famous hair: Teens mourn around the world.

Justin Bieber Haircut Gets Media Attention All Over World

Mr. Bieber getting a haircut truly is getting attention over many parts of the world. The Times of India pointed out that the charity-conscious teenager is donating the chopped-off hair to be auctioned off for charity - he gave a box of it to Dengeneres to do just that - and quoted Beiber's twitter about it Monday, the day he got it cut:

"Yeah so it's true... I got a little haircut... I like it," Bieber had twittered his fans. "And we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon."

Some media online sites decided that a 'poll' of fans would be a good idea, the L.A. Times thought so and so did MTVNews. In fact MTV had numerous stories on Bieber's haircut, with headlines like Justin Bieber's Haircut Recalls Joe Jonas' Brush with Scissors, Has Justin Bieber Blown His Hair Dry For The Last Time? and Justin Bieber's Haircut: Fans Weight In!. All three written by experienced reporter, Jocelyn Vena.

Bieber Has Less Hair, More Youtube Views

Canadians have a reputation for not liking the limelight but Bieber seems to. He is everywhere in the media and the haircut has only made him more visible. So why? Well, why not? He turns 17 on March 1 2011 and might have been looking to find a way to mark new found maturity. He told Degeneres that he wasn't concerned about how anyone would react and that he figures fans who don't like it will get over it.

He likely knew the storm of media attention that would follow the cutting of his hair. And it really does seem as if everyone did a story: The New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian, TMZ, The Toronto Sun, the Hollywood Reporter, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, SodaHead News (?) and yes, even CNN.

Whoopi Goldberg, Suite 101 and Justin Bieber's Haircut

That's just a tip of the iceberg, or perhaps a lock of the hair, for there are many, many more (even Whoopi Goldberg weighed in - she doesn't like it). And what about us? Suite 101? Did we do a story on Justin Bieber's haircut? Darn right we did!