ENTERTAINMENT NEWS:Jennifer Aniston’s New Haircut, Does the New Hairdo Looks Nice-Jennifer Aniston, US NEWS ONLINE is one of the news jenre which gives latest and fresh news about the latest trends. Right now we have the picture of Jennifer Aniston in her new hair cut.She just turned 41 on Feb. 11, so maybe it was a belated birthday treat done on this years start. First it was Justin and now Jennifer is the second one who has got a new hair cut. Is not it that the Celebrities keen to have a new hair style on the begining of the new year 2011. So the signature style of the celebrities are changing rapidly. Firt the Justin Bieber ditched his shaggy mane on Monday in favor of a more aerodynamic hairdo and now jennifer Aniston has got her long hair cut short. She first time came in front with her new hairdo------------------------------
Jennifer Aniston New Haircut Style