It seems that February 2011 calls for changing hairstyles and sporting new haircuts. Besides Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber's new haircut is creating a lot of buzz all over the internet.
After tweeting about the possibility of getting a new hairdo on Monday, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber sent his fans into whirl on Tuesday after unveiling his new haircut. The whole fan club got a surprise when Justin Bieber tweeted that he has cut his signatory sweeping bangs into a shorter spikier hairdo.

The teen sensation got a new look just before shooting his new music video, "That Should Be Me", with Rascal Flatts. As his fans were wondering about the reason behind Justin Bieber's new haircut, the rockstar explained that he just wanted to have a new look and was tired of his banging locks.
Justin Bieber's new haircut is little shorter and scuffier than his usual style, which is giving him sort of mature look. The fallen hair of Justin Bieber will be up for charity auction.