Jennifer Kurniawan Profile :

Full Name: Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan
Nickname: Jennifer Kurniawan / Jennifer Bachdim
Place, Date of birth: Muehlacker, Germany, April 6, 1987
Hobby: Singing and swimming
Favorite Music: Bruno Mars
Weight Loss:47 kg
Height: 165 cm

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Jennifer Kurniawan Biography :

Name Jennifer Bachdim popularity skyrocketed along with her lover, Irfan Bachdim, Indonesian footballer, who skyrocketed. Native girl named Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan was born in Muehlacker 6 April 1987 and is domiciled in Germany.

Jennifer Kurniawan was raised by parents of different cultures, the father who is a resident of Indonesia and the mother who came from Germany. 165 cm/47 kg berpostur girl is living as a model and worked at a company, by utilizing the science of management and controlling which drew in school.

Because of her love relationship with Irfan Bachdim, the name Jennifer Kurniawan is increasingly recognized, especially by her to use Bachdim on a last name. Jennifer Kurniawan could reap negative responses about the sexy poses that she did as a model in Germany.

Although her photographs are still considered within limits not vulgar, but Jennifer Kurniawan was worried about the norm in Indonesia and intends to no longer pose sexy. Jennifer Kurniawan also will immediately pursue a career as an artist in Indonesia