Kissing photo Irfan Bachdim and Jennifer Jasmin recently circulated on the internet where kissing photos jenifer irfan and Jasmin looks posing hot kiss and a longer in effect lovesick bachdim irfan name yet again to be trending topic on twitter about hotnya photo.


Players born August 11, 1988 was suddenly become a new idol among teenagers, especially teenage girls in Indonesia. As a result of the image is some fans disappointed Irfan irfan view photos kiss with Jasmin. "This is resentful bgt lho ngeliatnya," wrote a Twitter user named Winda Gusti Ayu.

"Info that sad,"writes another Twitter account owner, Fitria_Nadleen. Naturally, the article, Irfan now being digila-gilai and most fans could be disappointed after knowing Irfan establish love with Jennifer Kurniawan, underwear model from Germany.

But whether or not the kiss photograph is both not provide information about the circulation of the kiss photo. Previously circulated about Jenifer Canister Jasmin Photo Photo Hot Jenifer Kurniawan and Jasmin, who is a world model with the concurrent popularity of Irfan Bchdim in the Indonesian national team.