With their brilliant innovation of new indie anthems such as opening track ‘Until the Moon Bites Back’ the band’s inventive yet classic sound is quick to present success. My Ceramic Rabbit’s new take on classic sounds creates a fresh sounding indie pop full of cheeriness and uncontainable accompanying foot tapping throughout.
The short (yet most definitely sweet) 8 track album not only reveals their talent in crafting big sounding future hits, but tracks such as ‘Heaven on her own’ and suspense filled ‘Run Rabbit Run’ also prove their aptitude for building tension, with both tracks making you feel a bit like you’re stuck in an 80s action movie... So too with guitar heavy, sing-along tune ‘A dangerous look for boys’.

On listening to the album, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with at least one of these exciting track’s tuneful and smiling melodies, particularly on hearing catchy and more pop sounding ‘Cool Sleek Chic’. The single’s fittingly My Ceramic Rabbit-style contrasting idea on the standard love song. Its upbeat and sweet introductory verse is lead into a whirlwind of crashing symbols brilliantly balanced by lead singer Daniel Evans’ impressive rock vocals.

Penultimate track ‘Modesty and Me’ is far from.. well... modest. The young four-piece’s shot at yet another big scale song almost pays off with its jittering drums and strong bass. Evans’ overly affected vocals do sadly spoil the fine accompaniment of supporting band members; drummer Elijah Thomas, bassist Samuel Ayres and Morgan Roberts playing keys, at times shadowing their encouraging sound with his over-vibrato’d voice. Even so as the track progresses, yet another anthem is born, dismissing doubts of My Ceramic Rabbit’s ability to sustain their inventive nonetheless classic sound and release such a successful debut album.
Album closer and title track ‘Sexa Word’ without fail gives a fantastically exciting finish to a fantastically exciting album. Its racing tempo mixed with another set of 80s style guitar sounds and Evans’ impressive harmonious vocals is original and one that most definitely sets this high-quality band apart from other bands under the same genre.