The former Black Sabbath star's son Jack, now 25, was so distraught when his favourite comforter was accidentally left behind when his family were on the road, the musician spared no expense in getting it back.
Ozzy said: ' once sent a private jet halfway across America to go and get 'Baby' ' my son Jack's comfort blanket ' after we left it in a hotel room.

'That blanket pretty much ended up with its own security detail, we were so scared of losing it. We've still got it today.'

The 62-year-old star ' who also has daughters Kelly and Aimee with wife Sharon, as well as Elliott, Louis and Jessica with first spouse Thelma Riley ' also revealed he rarely ever uses the internet, but is glad he doesn't as he fears he would be come addicted to online surfing.

He wrote in his column for the Sunday Times magazine: 'The internet makes me glad I've got attention deficit disorder, because otherwise I'd be as glued to the screen as everyone else, getting up to no good.'