The Kickette office has been on red alert since one of our eagle-eyed staffers/readers spotted this little imperfection on the otherwise immaculately tanned Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now at first glance, we thought it might be a particularly badly placed, poorly executed tattoo; a concept we fully embrace being the aficionados of the stoopid, drunk, regretted tatt-filled bunch that we are.

We then whiled away several hours of our *busy* lives considering various options, including baby mama scratch marks, a new Gucci body art sticker trend situ we’d yet to hear about or a variation on a gold star for good behaviour you get in school. Some sort of “Jose tramp stamp” given to his fav boys, perhaps?
Finally, and somewhat disappointingly, we settled on a rather more prosaic ‘erroneous bit of grass’ that had attached itself to the C-Ron shoulder during training, as confirmed by this later photo (left).
Bit of grass? We salute you. You have attained heights of proximity to ‘the body’ that we can only dream of.