As years pass by the body modification community always progresses to more and more extreme methods of modification.  Today, some of the most intense body modifications involve combining two or more styles together for an extreme new look.
This seems to be an increasing trend over the years, with more people utilizing multiple body modification techniques to get their desired results.  To some people these looks may be a bit extreme, but to the individuals breaking new ground, it is a way of life.

Some individuals have chosen to use various body modifications to change their entire appearance. Some of the more notable people to undergo massive body modification include; “The Lizardman” Erik Sprague, who has tattooed his entire face, chiseled his teeth, split his tongue and placed implants in his face to resemble a lizard and  “Cat Man” Dennis Avner has tattooed his face, split his upper lip, undergone extensive facial surgery, filed his teeth and implanted 

whiskers to resemble a tiger.
This kind of modification doesn’t happen over night. Both of these guys have devoted many years of their life, and continue to devote time, to achieving their ultimate transformation.

Lately there has been an increased trend in accenting tattoos with various other styles of body modification.  Some prefer to accent their tattoo and give it a 3D look, while others place a microdermal implant strategically to accent a tattoo.
Not surprisingly, tattoos go with everything.  I have seen plenty of combined body modifications centered around a tattoo.  Weather it be a 3D tattoo using saline implants or you want or to accent those pretty flowers with a diamond stud microdermal, tattoos just go well with everything.

Do you have what it takes to brave new grounds and take the body modification world to the next level? These days, your possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.
Just think, you could forge ahead for the benefit of mankind while your mom wonders what she gave birth to.